Till Neeff is an independent expert on forests and climate change. He advises firms and governments on greenhouse-gas monitoring and mitigation strategies. He provides policy advisory, capacity development and project management support.


In the early 2000s Till spent three years researching land-use change and its carbon impacts at Costa Rica’s CATIE and at the Brazilian INPE, the National Institute for Space Research.


He then joined EcoSecurities, the UK-based leader of global carbon markets. He stayed with the company for five years during its IPO, the heydays of Kyoto Protocol’s CDM and its takeover by JP Morgan. As a consultant and carbon credit originator he toured large parts of Latin America and Southeast Asia scouting for carbon investment opportunities and built a portfolio of 7.8m carbon credits for voluntary offsetting.


In 2010 Till joined the German Ministry of the Environment’s International Climate Initiative to manage its €100m grant portfolio for REDD+ and biodiversity projects.

About two years later he took charge of CD-REDD, a collaborative capacity development platform between GIZ, the CfRN, the German Thünen Institute, and the FAO. The project became a great success and supported 13 countries in Latin America and Africa in building national greenhouse-gas inventory systems to track results of national mitigation efforts.


Today Till works as an independent expert from Rome, Italy. He has recently provided much support to several UN organizations on issues related to measurement, reporting and verification of REDD+. He also advises on sustainable value chain development and on deforestation free commodity production.

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